Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cuts And Chaos

Spring General Meeting Reminder, Description of Positions and Constitutional Amendments, Don't Leave $699.30 Behind - April 27th Opportunity and Cuts and Chaos video

Don't forget to register for our upcoming Spring General Meeting and Banquet taking place on May 17, 2018 at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM.  As always, we have worked closely with Chef to plan a delicious dinner for our members and guests to enjoy.
Registration is open at

Local Elections for 2018- 2019 along with proposed Local Constitutional Amendments will take place at this meeting.  Descriptions of Positions for elections along with the proposed Constitutional amendments can be found on our website on the Home page at

Do you realize that your six half days of Paid PD (including the half-day reserved for mandatory online training in June) total $699.30 of salary?

Are you aware that you receive 3 days of seniority credit, pension credit, three days of the ten needed to remain on the elementary list and credit for purposes of Employment Insurance?

Do you know that your Thames Valley OT Local has negotiated the most paid PD of any Board in the province?

Registration is still open for workshops being held by the Board on April 27th via the TVDSB Employee Portal:

  • Click on "Conference/Session Registrations"
  • Scroll down to Elementary Occasional Teacher PD (2017-2018)
  • Click on "Register"
  • Review the session descriptions by clicking on the session title, and indicate which sessions you would like by clicking into the small circle to the left.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Submit/Continue"
  • We recommend that you print your timetable for your records.
At the time a paid professional activity is offered, Occasional Teachers on an LTO or permanent contract with an FTE of 0.5 or higher are not eligible for paid PD. Members in assignments of less than .5 FTE are eligible for half of the paid PD opportunities.

Please remember to submit a Reflection Form at the end of each session in order to drive the payment process (forms will be available at each session).

One-half day of the designated PA Days must be set aside for completion of the mandatory training modules that will be posted in April. These modules, the Offence Declaration and your WHMIS review must be completed by June 29, 2018.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

OCT fees due! Information Regarding Local Executive Elections 2018- 2019; Jersey Day April 12th

Annual Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) membership fees are due January 1 each year. The College must receive payment before April 15 to maintain good standing status. TVDSB deducts OCT fees from those in a LTO position on January 1, 2018 (you will see the deduction on your pay stub). All other Occasional Teachers must submit their annual fee directly to OCT by April of each year. This can be done by credit card at   Please note that the penalty for late payment is $130 additional to the $150 annual fee and in the interim, you are not eligible to teach in Ontario.

Registration is now open for the 2018 Spring General Meeting and Elections where members select their Local Executive for the coming year.
Have you considered running for a position? Join your Executive team and find out what is going on - you can make a difference!
Dinner meetings are held once a month after school at our TVOT Office.

Elections will be held May 17, 2018 at the Lamplighter Inn for the following positions:

President - two year term, full-time position; legal spokesperson and representative of Local; Grievance Officer; liaison/member of all committees; signing officer; attends all Provincial Rep. Councils, ETFO Annual Meeting, other ETFO meetings in Toronto (Local Constitution 7.2.1)  Candidates for President must have a minimum of one year of Local Executive experience (Local Constitution 9.1.2)

First Vice-President - assists the President, coordinates preparation of the newsletter, attends committees (Local Constitution 7.2.2)

Second Vice-President - assists the President and First Vice-President and acts as liaison to the P.D. Committee (Local Constitution 7.2.3)  

Secretary - records, prepares and circulates accurate minutes of past and present Executive and General Membership Meetings (Local Constitution 7.2.4)

Treasurer - maintains financial records, pays expenses of the Local as signing officer, drafts budget and reports to Executive and membership (Local Constitution 7.2.5)

Health and Safety Officer - acts as liaison with the Board's Joint Health and Safety Committee, the Local Executive and general membership; conducts annual audits of schools and participates in all applicable training (Local Constitution 7.2.7)

Executive Members at Large (4) - great learning position with duties as determined by the Executive (Local Constitution 7.1.1 - 7.1.3)

Chief Negotiator - negotiates the collective agreement; maintains agreement and reports to membership (Local Constitution 7.2.6)

Collective Bargaining Committee (President, Chief Negotiator and 4-5 others) - collects information from membership and prepares Local preliminary submission (Local Constitution 7.3.4)

ETFO Provincial Annual Meeting Alternates (5) - pool from which delegate vacancies will be filled; Toronto August 13-16, 2018 (costs paid) Local Constitution 10.1 - 10.3

Candidate Forms are posted on the Local website:
The deadline for receipt of Candidate Forms:  5 PM April 27, 2018

Jersey Day is April 12th
Across the nation tomorrow, people will be wearing their sport jerseys to show support for those affected by the tragic Humboldt Bronco team bus accident. If you do not own a jersey, you may want to show your support by wearing green and yellow tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Announcing our Spring General Meeting and Banquet / April 10th PD Event

Join us on May 17th for our Spring General Meeting and Banquet as we begin to wind up the current school year and plan ahead for fall 2018.

This year's Banquet will take place at The Best Western Lamplighter Inn, 591 Wellington Road South, in London, N6C 4R3, Crystal North ballroom from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM.  We have met with Chef and are delighted to share with you our planned menu for the event.

Dinner will include:
California spring mix salad and Crispy Caesar salad, with Crisp vegetable crudites with her dip,
Olive oil tossed pasta salad and Mediterranean Greek salad with an Assortment of European breads and rolls,
Slow roasted top sirloin of beef au jus, and
Traditional style vegetarian lasagne,
Sweet selection for desert,
Coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Meet your peers and have a say in the business of your Local.

Register at

Wonderful response and registration numbers for our upcoming Professional Development Event on April 10th, from 4:30 - 7:30 PM.  Spots are limited.  Avoid disappointment. Register at


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

TVOT April 10th PD Event and TVDSB Paid PD Event : 2 Separate Events; Did you know...

Local PD Workshops - Join your peers for a lovely dinner before participating in 1 of 3 Professional Development Workshops being offered by your Local on April 10th, 2018, from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn, 591 Wellington Road South, in London.

Workshops, as requested by you, include:

1) 365 ETFO Black Canadian Curriculum and Calendar Workshop
2) Amplifying Student Voice and Choice
3) Shiny and New Writing Ideas

Registration is now open, please register for 1 only at for further descriptions and registration.

TVDSB Paid PD Opportunities - Not to be confused with the ETFOTVOT PD event mentioned above taking place on April 10th, there are still spots remaining for the Paid PD Event being offered by TVDSB on April 27.  Registration for this paid PD is on the Employee Portal and participation is recognized for all purposes, as time worked,

Did you know - Your Collective Agreement states:

  •  An OT who cancels a previously accepted assignment may not accept another assignment scheduled for that same day. (Art. L16.05(c)
  • Upon returning from a statutory leave, an OT may request an adjustment to their seniority and it will be based on the average number of days worked per year since the date of hire. (Art. L36.11(b)
  • An OT who reports for an assignment and finds that their services are not required, will stay at school, be assigned professional duties and be paid for the full assignment whether a half day or full day assignment. (Arts. L16.01 and L16.02)
  • Morning half-day assignments end no later than 20 minutes after the end of class and afternoon assignments shall begin no later than 20 minutes before class instructional time. (Art. L18.07)


On behalf of your ETFOTVOT President and Executive,  we wish you a safe and restful Easter Break!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Violence - Workplace Injury & Illness: 3rd video, Provincial ETFO 2018 All-Member Survey, New Elementary Itinerant LTO Pilot Project and Our Next PD Event

Provincial ETFO 2018 All-Member Survey

 Beginning March 20, 2018, a link to the ETFO All-Member survey will be sent to the membership via the email address on record. It will be sent from the email address

This is the survey that collects statistical information from the membership and is used by ETFO for planning and outreach purposes. The survey is online and requires about 3-5 minutes to complete. In the past some members have called their local office asking if they should complete the survey. If this does happen we would appreciate it if you could encourage completion.
New Elementary Itinerant LTO Pilot Project

Just to advise members, Elementary Occasional Teachers and Human Resources have collaborated and developed a pilot project.

An Itinerant Long Term Occasional Teacher pilot project has been developed to help support and respond to the daily unfilled vacancies that schools are experiencing. The majority of our unfilled vacancies are due to absences entered for same day.

The Board has identified regions within Thames Valley where unfilled vacancies have been high and we will deploy a total of 31 Itinerant LTOs to service regions of schools. The LTO postings were out yesterday and will be specific to our identified regions, the postings will include the listing of schools and will have a Designated Home School in the region identified. We will facilitate centralized placements into these LTO assignments. We anticipate having the Itinerant LTO in place for March 29.

Applicants must be flexible enough to teach every grade on short notice.

The successful Itinerant LTO candidates will be provided more detailed information on TVARRIS and expectations of the role upon completion of the centralized placement process.
Information will be emailed to ETFO-TVOT members who have accounts on the ETFO-TVOT website, regarding our next TVOT PD Event on April 10th.  Workshops will focus on:

- 365 ETFO Black Canadian Curriculum and Calendar   
- Amplifying Student Voice and Choice
- Literacy

Registration to open in the next few days at


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Risk Assessment and Safety Plans; ETFO's 2nd video, April 27th PAID PD Sessions, ETFO Conferences being offered to all members, Columbia Sportswear Invitation

Spots are limited and filling quickly for the April 27th Paid PD Event. Avoid disappointment.
Registration for the Board's Paid PD event is on the Employee Portal under Conference Registration.
The following worthwhile Conferences are scheduled for all interested Members.

An Introduction for Collective Bargaining Conference - Are you frustrated by the many challenging aspects of your working conditions? Do you want to know what to do about them? If so, this one-day conference is for you. Discover how strong collective agreements create fair workplaces. Learn about ETFO collective bargaining -past, present and future. You can be part of collective bargaining during the 2019 round of negotiations.
The workshop is open to all ETFO members in good standing. Selection criteria will take into consideration designated groups, geographical location and diversity of ETFO locals. To register, visit the ETFO Events Management System at and click on An Introduction Collective Bargaining Conference. Deadline to register is Thursday, March 15, 2018.  For more information, please contact Lisa Mastrobuono, Collective BargainingServices, or 1-888-838-3836, extension 2512.

A Social Justice and Equity Conference for Male Educators: Understanding Marginalization in Public Education - If you are interested in developing an understanding of some of the causes and impacts of systemic marginalization in our public education system, we welcome male educators to apply to this conference which will take place Friday, May 4 (evening) and Saturday, May 5, 2018.
Participants will have an opportunity to network and to discuss marginalization in the educational context at the ETFO Office. Spaces are limited so register early. To see further details and to register, visit the ETFO Events Management System (EMS) at and click on the Men's Conference tab. Registration deadline is March 12, 2018. For more information, please contact Todd Rimmimngton, or 416-962-3836 extension 2259.

Collective Bargaining Conference-Your Collective Agreement 101-May 12, 2018 - This workshop is for members that are new to Collective Bargaining. Members will learn about legislative framework; education funding and grants; different member voices in the bargaining process; major components of central bargaining and the control system; and effective communication with members during a bargaining round. Registration opens March 12, 2018 and closes April 11, 2018. For more information, please contact Derek Hulse, or 416-962-3836 extension 2218.
Find your Columbia Sportswear Company Employee Store Invitation at under Member Services.
The Second video in ETFO's three-part series on Workplace violence focuses on how risks of violence are controlled in schools.